Coming Soon...Cloud/Unicorn Mini Session | Orangeville Ontario Mini Session

Recently I was able to move my studio from a dark room in the basement of our home to a room upstairs with amazing window light and that move has breathed new life into my creatively. That beautiful white space and gorgeous light made me want to create something new and these gorgeous and whimsical mini sessions are the result. The great thing about the process of creating this set is that my kids have been watching me as created the clouds, made the stars, laid out the floor, etc and they have been SO excited about the whole process. Every morning they have been running into my studio just to see what I’ve added, so today when we finally got the chance to take test shots they were not only not their usual, reluctant, photographer’s kid selves, they couldn’t wait to get going! I think if I let them they would just hang out on this set all the time…lol. Anyway, with the cold Ontario spring feeling like it will never warm-up this year I’m grateful to have this beautiful space to create in. Hope to see you for cloud mini sessions in August. Contact me for complete details!